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A harsh Hollywood reality is that most scripts are lost in the slush pile. Those who are lucky to have their scripts read by a producer, agent, manager or studio head may never know whether it was given the infamous pass, consider, recommend rating. 

We break the mold by providing these ratings on ever feature, pilot or short submitted to our team of readers at top Hollywood representation companies, as well as offering detailed feedback to improve overall marketability.

Writing on a Notebook




Checking Text on a Document

2 Page Feedback


Writing on Tablet

5 Page Feedback


Researching and Writing



Bring the 


to your writing  



Roger S.H. Schulman

Partner with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Roger S.H. Schulman to make your content more effective and entertaining.

Co-writer of the animated feature “Shrek,” for which he won a British Academy Award (BAFTA) and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.  He also co-wrote the animated feature "Balto" for Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, and wrote "Mulan II” and "The Jungle Book II" for Disney. In television, he co-created the Disney Channel series JONAS, was Executive Producer of "2Gether" for MTV and was Executive Producer for “Living Single" with Queen Latifah.  

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