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Writer Spotlights do not play a factor in whether or not submissions advance in the competition.

Jeremy Storey - An Angel Whispers

A cynical reporter, investigating a small-town miraculous incident, gradually uncovers a personal connection to their astonishing tale. A karmic kismet that may just convert him from a wretched skeptic to a hopeful believer.

Feature, Drama

Lyndal Simpson - The Farrell Girl

Two abused sisters, separated following the massacre of their family, must find one another after almost twenty years when the chief suspect in the killings hunts them down once more.


Feature, Drama

Hans Peterson - Marty and Me

Young man obsessed with the music of Marty Robbins pays an emotional price with his wife and family.


Feature, Drama

Lesley Manuel - Time To Go

A man struggling to cope with losing both his baseball career and best friend in a tragic car wreck 15 years earlier goes back in time to see what could have been, though staying may cost him everything.

Feature, Drama

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Billie Bates - Helldorado

A straitlaced young mother-of-three struggles to open and run a saloon in the seedy town of Las Vegas, alongside brothels and mob bosses, and becomes central to the legalization of gambling in Nevada.

Feature, Drama/Historical

Derek Massey - A Night at the Lavender Rose

A prolific trumpet player, in an effort to escape his past, is confronted with the underbelly of his profession, while seeking refuge with the most unlikely characters.

Feature, Drama

Marcus Julius - Chemo

While seeking a grant for a new oncology center, an over-worked physician finds himself thrust into the complicated world of politics. A bold request from an arrogant senator (who controls the purse-strings) becomes almost too much for the good doctor to bear.

Short, Drama

Christopher Xiao - Wives of Gangsters

Wives of elite criminals attend group marriage therapy, where they cryptically express their frustrations and intimate secrets. Bullets, blood, and bitchiness ensue. 

TV (One Hour), Drama

Troy Perkins - Crossing

Lyle, a Texas rancher, hunts migrants crossing his sprawling ranch near the Mexico border. The tables are turned when he has a serious accident and needs help from a migrant woman and her little boy.

Short, Drama

Judah Ray - Unorthodox

Madison fights to escape the torture of a holy predicament, as her strict, religious mother, Faith, attributes teenage angst to demonic possession.

Feature, Other

Kerry Valderrama & C.M. Bratton - O.B.E.

After a series of unexplainable murders, a detective must find an unseen killer in a world where the entire population can astral-project.

TV (One Hour), Sci-fi

Daniel Griswold - Civil Savages

A new drug ravages an already desperate city, inflaming hatred between the authorities and the neighborhoods they are supposed to protect.

Feature, Action

Bryan Hatch - Absolute Zero "Elephant Toothpaste"

A young tween girl with a bumbling passion for science, her fashionista gal pal, and a nerdy culinary neighbor film weekly experiments and exploits for their terminally ill friend.

TV (Half Hour), Comedy

Erin Dewey Lennox & Emily Maya Mills - Bucking Up

Bucking Up is an action comedy about falling from grace, waking up an outsider and redefining one’s self through personal growth and the pure unfiltered determination required to raise yourself up after financial ruin and get your goddamn jet skis back.

TV (Half Hour), Comedy

Naweed Malik - The Money Effect

A single mother bank teller becomes a counterfeiter to supplement her income, then, unwillingly, turns to a life of crime to save her brothers life from the Russian mob.

Feature, Drama

Nancy Munger - Our White Boy

True story of the first white man, Jerry Craft, to play baseball with the West Texas Colored League in 1959-60.

Feature, Drama

Penny Jackson - Greetings From Sarajevo

A southern teenage girl has spent several successful years leading her family away from their criminal ways, but everything is thrown in jeopardy when her ruthless mother is released from prison. Breaking Bad meets Sons of Anarchy.

Short, Drama

Bryan Kelsey - Boiling Frogs

A southern teenage girl has spent several successful years leading her family away from their criminal ways, but everything is thrown in jeopardy when her ruthless mother is released from prison. Breaking Bad meets Sons of Anarchy.

TV (One Hour), Drama

Hillery Baker - Connected

Privileged teenagers Emilia and James Capriglione are about to learn there isn't enough holy water in New Jersey to wash all the blood off their family's hands.

TV (One Hour), Drama

Renee Rubio - VIVA!!

The seedy world of human trafficking is about to be busted wide open when an ambitious woman comes looking for her friend. Fearless and focused she infiltrates a global menagerie of evil. Her crusade against slavery becomes a fight for her own freedom and her life.

TV (One Hour), Drama

Jim Blumetti - Snake Alley, Taipei

Based on true events in 1971 Taipei, a young American woman becomes faced with extreme cultural shock after agreeing to leave California and marry her military intelligence officer boyfriend. More dangerously, she soon finds herself an unwilling pawn in a game of political intrigue beyond anything she could have ever imagined.


Feature, Drama

David Gray - Not Half Anything

Sarah’s preparations for her classical guitar debut at Carnegie Hall aren’t helped by her divorced parents, a Chinese tiger mom and distant Anglo father who compete for her attention. Hiding out with a boy from her hometown, and getting to play the electric blues she has long dreamed about allows her to feel free for the first time.

Feature, Other

Ron Hervey - Broken Dreams

Two nursing home roommates attempt to swipe pills that reportedly give hallucinations of being young again, but what is the price they pay for trying to turn back time?

Short, Comedy

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