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Dallas Screenwriting Competition


Listed below are the semifinalists for the 2021 Dallas Screenwriting Competition. Congratulations to all of our writers who have advanced in the competition and thank you for your submissions!


Our readers are experienced industry professionals from Hollywood's top agencies, and our judges panel consists of award-winning writers and producers. 

Feature scripts

A Black Tribute and a Red Scare
Rodgers Wilson
BFFs Never Die
K. Jennifer Llagan
Charles A. Honeywood
Don't You Know Who I Am?
Izzy Mariano
Saturday Night Lesbian
Tracie Laymon
Lynne Ashe
The Gates
John Burr
The Kidnapper
Dave Moutray
The Whirlwind
Billie Harris
Van 59
Brian Trotter

Short Scripts

Corps a Corps
Daniel Pappas
Good Girl
Haley Dercher
Green Love
Penny Jackson
Happy Ending Retirement Home
Kirsty Budding
Larry Collins
Jeremy Hsing
Travis Meguire
Milo & Milly
Douglas Spaltro
Table for Two
Joe Kilgore
The Last Prophet
Christopher Celestin

hour/Half Hour Pilots

A Family
Cid Weinberg
Betsy and the Emperor
Staton Rabin
Tracie Laymon
Andreas Nelander
Just Your Average Haunting
Marko Pandza
Danny Alex
Pigeoni's Pizza
Michael Tannenbaum & Louie Aronowitz
The Ties That Bind
Haley Dercher
Things Imagined
Chantal Eyong
Aadrise Johnson
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