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Elements of story

Screenwriting is a business and the best screenwriters have a brand. A special writing style or talent that makes them unique and easy to recognize. Filmmakers needing a story that centers on a big idea or great characterization or engaging dialogue or a compelling theme are able to seamlessly identify the best writer for the project when the writer is branded as a specialist in one of those needed areas. The 2022 International Screenplay Awards recognizes writers who specialize on a specific writing element and works to elevate their overall brand awareness. 

This competition allows writers 5 different chances to win by submitting to the category/categories they feel their script is most suited.

Screenplay Awards

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12 month

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Characterization is one of the most important elements of a good story. Audiences must emotionally connect with and relate to characters to want to know what happens next. Creating characters whose unexpected behavior makes sense for who they are and the situation they are in is a key trait of a talented writer. To accomplish this, a story must follow fully fleshed out, three-dimensional characters. In this category, characters will be judged on their distinct behavior based on strength of goals, flaws, motivations, and actions, derived from a realistic backstory. 



Dialogue holds the dual role of revealing character and moving the story forward. A character’s wants and needs will be reflected in their speech, along with what they are thinking and how they are going to act, so it’s important that each character has their own voice. This category will judge how well the dialogue reveals character and drives plot.



Theme is the blueprint for a compelling story. A relatable and moving message breathes life into fictional characters and makes extraordinary events more believable. It’s the reason a story exists and why it should be shared. This category evaluates the effectiveness on how well the story message takes the audience on an emotionally involving journey towards a satisfying ending that leaves a lasting impression.



There are only seven broad categories of conflict, so it’s often said all stories are just variations of the same concepts. Assuming that is true, filmmakers must devise interesting ways for giving new life to an old story. This category evaluates the concept’s freshness and execution originality.  


page turner

Filmmakers want to be able to visualize each script with their minds’ eye. For them, an easy read is a good read. They are hungry for naturally flowing stories that offer something fresh. This category evaluates key elements that make a reader want to keep reading.  

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