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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Screenwriter Friend: Get Ready to Make Their Pen Sparkle!

By: EHF Staff / Updated November 6, 2023



  • EHF Movie Poster Service   Books

  • Subscription to IMDb Pro

  • Screenwriting Books

  • Movie Scripts

  • Acting Class/Workshop

  • Masterclass Subscription

  • Script Coverage

  • Vintage Typewriter

  • Movie night in a box

  • Writer paraphernalia

Hey there, gift-givers extraordinaire! If you've got a screenwriter friend who's been burning the midnight oil crafting cinematic masterpieces, you're in for a treat. We've compiled a fun holiday gift guide that'll leave your writer pal grinning. So, let's dive into the world of witty wordsmiths and discover the perfect presents that will make their creative hearts sing.


EHF Movie Poster Service:


Imagine your friend's delight when they unwrap a custom-made movie poster featuring their latest script! It's like a sneak peek into the future, and it says, "I believe in your writing dreams." Visit our script marketing page and give them the gift of inspiration and motivation.

Subscription to IMDb Pro: 

Help your screenwriter friend take their career to the next level by gifting them an IMDb Pro subscription. It's the golden ticket to getting their work noticed in Hollywood. With access to industry insights and contact information, they can network like a pro and make their mark on the silver screen.


Screenwriting Books: 

Every aspiring screenwriter can use a little guidance from time to time. Get your friend a stack of screenwriting books to inspire and educate. Some classics like "Save the Cat!" by Blake Snyder, "The Anatomy of Story" by John Truby, and "Story" by Robert McKee are sure to become their new best friends.

Movie Scripts: 

Writers love to dissect other people's work for inspiration. Treat them to the scripts of their favorite movies or TV pilots from It's not just entertainment; it's a valuable learning resource for honing their craft.

Acting Class/Workshop:

Give your friend a unique experience by enrolling them in an acting class or workshop. It'll provide fresh insights into character development and storytelling from a different perspective. Plus, they might discover new ways to make their characters come alive on the page.

Masterclass Subscription: 

Let your screenwriter friend learn from the greats. A Masterclass subscription gives them access to tips and advice from renowned screenwriters and filmmakers. They can discover the secrets behind creating iconic stories and turning their visions into cinematic gold.

Script Coverage: 

Sometimes, writers need a second set of eyes to fine-tune their scripts. Gift your friend a professional script coverage service to receive expert feedback on their story. It's a valuable tool for enhancing marketability and script quality. We offer coverage written by representational professionals. Visit our coverage page for more information.

Vintage Typewriter: 

Wow your writer friend with a vintage typewriter for that old-school vibe or a quirky "Writer's Block" notepad to add a touch of humor to their workspace. Be creative, and they'll appreciate the thought.

Movie night in a box:

How about a movie night in a box? Fill it with popcorn, their favorite films, and cozy blankets. A perfect excuse to relax and get inspired. Or consider a creative writing prompt deck to spark their imagination.

Writer paraphernalia:

A personalized desk nameplate with a witty writer's title or a fun writer's mug for their coffee or tea breaks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to thoughtful gifts.

Now, there you have it, a holiday gift guide that will make your screenwriter friend's day! These fun gifts are sure to light up their creative world. Show them you support their dreams and inspire them to keep penning those blockbuster scripts. Happy gifting, and may your writer friend's creativity flow like the ink on the pages of their next screenplay!

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